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Learning language

Learning a language is tough, but language teachers will find the effort is a worthwhile investment

Learning vocabulary

Learning vocabulary is one of the toughest parts of language learning. Should we organize new words in lexical sets? My experience say it may be a serious question.

Teachers in the movies

Sometimes there is a lot to learn from watching caricatures of teachers in the movies!

The power of expectations

The Pygmalion effect - what we expect of our students may have a very powerful effect on what actually happens 

Fixing a broken system

Schools are complex systems where teachers, students and administration have to work together. Sometimes, however, things break down and the blame game begins.

Phones in the classroom

Phones are a problem in the classroom. Or are they?

What's the difference between...?

Students can get really hung up about synonyms. How can we deal with it?

Using Google N-Gram

How can we capitalize on advances in technology? Here's how Google N-gram can be useful for language teachers.

Finding a perfect job

Is there such a thing as a perfect job? Here are some tips on how you can find it!

Teaching pronunciation

Do you teach pronunciation? How can we actually teach it?

On the hunt for a good teacher

Everyone is trying to be a 'good' teacher. What does that mean, exactly?

Food in the Classroom

Food available to students in schools isn't always what might be considered healthy. What does food science tell us about how this problem affects our classrooms?

Bad teacher: copying our own worst teachers

Dan Lortie introduced the idea of the 'Apprenticeship of observation' - teachers have all spent a lot of time in the classroom before they become teachers: so what do we bring into our careers with us from our experiences as students?

A suitable resume

It's the time of the year for the job surge. Is your resume ready?

The first days of the new school year

The beginning of the school year means meeting new students. How do you handle your opening class with them?

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