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Useful links

Here are a few links you might find useful

Chichester College TESOL Bangkok

Reputable teacher training course in TESOL

If you are planning on studying a TESOL course in Bangkok, this is our recommendation.


The centre for Thailand's teachers

Connect with the large community of teachers on this site, and find hundreds of jobs too!!


Materials resources for teachers of young learners

Fun themed materials for teaching kinds, decorating classrooms and reading. Spice up your class with Bonkerbots, Boombam, Zombies and many more characters!

Pronunciation Studio Blog

A useful insight into the world of pronunciation

The Pronunciation Studio blog is insightful, funny and interesting, and a must-read for all language teachers.

World Stories

Using stories as tools for learning language

Everyone loves stories. In the example linked here, students can listen to it being read, read it themselves, practice the chants of the animals in the stories, do prediction activities about what will happen, or decide what gifts they would give the rooster. You can use stories from your culture to liven up the classroom for your learners, and get them to share their stories with you too.

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